Our team

What are doing team members?


The team members have as main tasks all the aspects of the creation of a robot. They take care of the mechanics, the electrical, the pneumatics and the creation of custom pieces.

They have as challenge to design a robot respecting the rules of FIRST and which will answer as well as possible to the requirements of the annual challenge.


A programming team is responsible for WRITE the code that will allow the robot to function and be guided by the pilots. They more often use Labview to create and structure blocks of code.

The code must be done in complementarity with the design of the robot, in order to install the right mechanisms which can be animated in the programming of this one.


A team is in charge of promoting the team using various means. The marketing aspect has a lot of tasks and can be a lot more demanding than you would expect.

First of all, we need sponsors. The team will try to approach potential partners who would be willing to establish an agreement with the team to support it during the season. It is also necessary to implement the agreement in a variety of other aspects. Social networks are also a very important aspect for the promotion of the team. Keep the team's Twitter account active and Facebook page, among others.

Subsequently, the development of the website comes into play. The team makes sure that the team's website is up to date, functional and takes care of managing the display of the logos of our partners. Finally, a good lot of graphics is added to the task. Each year, promotional material such as the team's t-shirts for the competition or a banner in our colors must be created.

Did you know?

In 2018, the marketing team organized a sale of the team's t-shirts to promote the team within the school! Wearing the robotics t-shirt has become common practice since this sale and has made the team talk all over the school.

Team members:



Jacob helps with the team administration and manage the marketing aspect including web development, community management, graphism and communications within the team.



As lead-mentor, Paul administrates the team by managing principally the budget, shippings and team members registrations in events. He pays the pizza.



By his enormous dedication, Childéric actively participates in the design of all facets of the robot and is particularly involved in the establishment of the strategy. He climbed the ladder of the steering team.



With knowledge in most fields, Justin offers help where it's needed. He works mainly on programming, but also greatly advances the robot.



Simon is mainly involved in communication. He is the photographer of the team and accompanies the latter to all meetings and competitions with his camera.



Emil participates among other things in the design of the robot. Since the "Next Level" competition, he has also joined the programming team. He has been part of the steering team since its inception.



Ulysses is our electrician. Although involved in the general design of the robot as needed, his main task is to design the electrical circuit of the robot and to ensure that it does not catch on fire.



What would a team be without its mascot ?! Not afraid of ridicule and being extremely hot for 3 days, Maximilian embodies the role of the mascot and spends his energy dancing around the field.



Victor is mainly involved in programming the robot. He also participates in the strategy and design of the robot when he does not have to program it.



Having joined the team recently, Vincent learns to design a robot by participating with the mentors his creation. He has also proved to be a good pilot and plans to join the steering team shortly.



Having joined the team recently, Gaspard learns to design a robot by participating with the mentors. He also plans to participate in the promotion of the team.



Being first a team member since it has been created, he's today the lead-mentor associated with Paul. He's managing some aspects of the team and is our reference to buy robot pieces.



David is a mentor who has been a member of the team since its inception. He is heavily involved in the project every year and knows how to make robotics like newcomers.



Pascal is a mentor involved in the team since its inception. Being a programmer, he mainly helps the programming team to design the appropriate code.